Trial tutorial

We have created a simple tutorial to introduce you basic features of Brand Embassy. You can see a 'Getting started' tutorial box on the bottom left of Brand Embassy. All you need to do is to follow tutorial steps and fill up the progress bar. A sweet reward is waiting for you at the end of tutorial. Click on the 'Start tutorial' button to get to know your new favorite customer care tool.

Start product tutorial

You will land in the Inbox screen, your main working space. You will see all customer requests from various social channels and other sources in this unified Inbox.

Firstly, we want to introduce you the 'Bzzzz' button. By clicking it you will pull new posts to the Inbox. You will see limited amount of new posts so you do not feel overwhelmed will all incoming requests. You can later click on 'Bzzzz' button again to get more posts pulled into the Inbox.

Click Bzzzz button to receive new posts

In the second step, click on the new post which has arrived to your Inbox. This will open a new tab with the post detail. Opening each post in a new tab helps you to fully focus on the conversation. You can later try opening and handling multiple posts at one time.

Open post detail to start replying to the customer

Once you open the post detail, we show you how effectively you can reply to customers. After you read the message, try our Knowledge base which includes pre-defined Quick answers. Choosing an appropriate answer and sending the reply to customer is a matter of few seconds. It is this easy to solve customer issues.

Note: Your trial is set up in a demo sandbox with pre-set customer requests. These requests are not real and you should not worry about any action you perform in the demo mode. None of them will be send to anyone or appear on any public social account.

Reply with Quick answers

In the next step of tutorial, we introduce to you the Analyse section, which you can access through the top left menu. You can see example of graphs showing you volume of conversations on the social media and your performance in handling customer requests. Go back to the Care section, where you have your Inbox.

Analyse section shows valuable analytics

Congratulations, now you know all the basics. You can now go ahead and explore more functions in the demo mode with demo data. Or continue with connecting your social channels and start using Brand Embassy in the real life.