Adding new users in trial

Invite more people to Brand Embassy and let them enjoy the experience of providing the best customer service to customers with you. The trial tutorial will help you to add new users in few simple steps.

Firstly, go to the Agents section in the Settings. Click on 'Add a new user' button and fill in the details such as their name, surname, login e-mail address and setup a password for them. It is important to select their role in the system, select Agent role for now, you can change it or create new roles in your team later on. You can also send the password to user's e-mail and require the user to change the password you have set for them. Don't forget to save the new user profile.

Add a new user

Secondly, go to the Roles section in the Settings. You will see two pre-defined roles of a manager and an agent. Let's edit the Agent role to define what permissions the role should have. Most important part with permissions is included under Channels. You can give them all permissions by clicking Select all option or select specific permissions you want the agent to have. Save the settings to finish the trial tutorial.

Adjust Agent role permissions

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Frequently asked questions

  • In such case, double check that your user has the Agent role setup. Go to Settings, Agents section, open the user's profile and see if you have selected the Agent role.

    Then go to the Roles section, open the Agent role and down in the Channels check if you have selected all permissions. If all has been set, your new user should see the Reply box.