SLA stands for Service level agreement. SLAs help measure performance of your customer team. Two metrics are measured in SLA, First response time and Solution time.

First response time is the fist response that was sent to a customer. The first response time starts counting automatically when an agent hits the green Reply button or when they start writing in the Reply box.


Solution time is the total time in which it takes for a case to be resolved. Solution time is recorded in Brand Embassy when an agent sends the reply as Resolved or marks it as Resolved in the action menu.

SLA settings allow you to set the calculation for when the first response time and solution time is recorded. You may specify days, hours, and minutes in your settings. In the Team activity panel and reply box you will see real-time tracking of FRT (First response time) and ST (solution time).

The first response time and solution time goals can be separate for all your connected channels or you can apply general goals for all your channels. First response time and solution time are not calculated outside of your business hours.

  • In the care section you can see the results for all unresolved tickets

  • FRT and ST are calculated per cases → therefore the Open new case functionality is very important