Intelligent Workflow

Intelligent workflow is a smart routing system that routes posts via Brand Embassy to agents based on criteria that you set. To get to this section, go to Settings at the top right and then ‘Intelligent Workflow’.


The Bzzzz button settings define what happens when an agent clicks on 'Get Posts' in the care section. ‘Assign posts with one click’ sets the maximum number of posts that appear in an agent's inbox after clicking ‘Get Posts’. Although the number of posts that will be assigned to the agent is limited by ‘Assign posts with one click’, you can limit the number of assigned posts by the number of conversations the posts contain.


Example: If the setting is turned off, all posts are assigned to an agent regardless of the number of conversations in a post. If the setting is turned on, and the limit is specified as follows, 'Assign posts with one click' with the value of 3 and 'Assign posts with a maximum number of conversations totaling' with the value 50. There are 3 posts waiting in the Inbox. The first post has 30 conversations, the second post has 15 conversations and the third post has 10 conversations. The first and the second posts will be assigned to the agent with a total number of 45 conversations. The third post will not be assigned to the agent because the total number of conversations exceeds the maximum limit that was set.

'Assign posts not older than' setting allows setting an amount of days after which a post will not to be assigned. If set to 14 days, the oldest posts that will be assigned to an agent will be from 14 days or less. If the setting is turned off, all posts will be assigned to the agent.

'Ordered by' setting allows changing the order of assigned posts. By default, posts are ordered from the oldest to the newest conversations. You can change the setting of ordering based on priority.

General rules allow adjusting smart routing of posts to the agents. The agents can reassign posts to each other. 'Re­assign the unresolved posts that were assigned manually' setting helps in the situations when the assigned agent is offline.

Example: If the setting is turned off and the agent manually assigns a post to another agent, this post is assigned in a fixed way. Even if the assigned agent is offline, the post will not be assigned to anyone else. If the setting is turned on and hours are specified, once a post has been assigned for the maximum defined time, the post will be put back into the queue and will be assigned to another agent.

'Un­assign post after action performed by agent' setting adjusts what will happen after the customer replies back to the post already handled by an agent.

Example: If the setting is turned off and the customer replies to a post that was previously handled by an agent, this post immediately goes to the Inbox of the agent to whom the post was already assigned. If the setting is turned on and the agent performs an action on a post, the post will be unassigned. The next time the customer replies, the post can be assigned to a different agent based on the Team rules.

'Team rules' allow defining routing rules per team. 'Manage teams' button leads to Teams setting and allows creating multiple teams and adding agents to teams. 'Unassigned users' team is created automatically and routing rules are set to route all posts to all unassigned users by default.

'Edit routing rules' opens rules settings. Choose Low, Medium or High importance of the rule. A rule of High importance will be performed ahead of Medium and Low importance ones. Choose one or multiple tags, sources and languages as the rule criteria. 'Add new row' adds multiple rules with the OR logic. Posts will be assigned to agents if any of the rules is fulfilled. You can also delete or edit the rules.