Account Settings

Account settings in Brand Embassy is the first section you will find in the settings section.


You may access account settings by clicking on the top right menu in Brand Embassy and choosing 'Settings'. The settings section is divided into six sub-groups.

One of the most important features in account settings is the Intelligent Workflow. In the Intelligent Workflow you may set up routing rules for posts, to manage the workload of your agents.

You may also set up business goals for your customer service team in the SLA settings.

In Business hours settings you may adjust the working hours of your agents so your goals are calculated correctly.

The Login report gives you detailed information of all user logins in Brand Embassy.

The Admin Report will show you all admin changes made in Brand Embassy, such as granting channel permissions to agents.

Lastly, Security settings allow you to create custom parameters for agents passwords.

Note: Only admin users or users with granted access have the ability to manage account settings.