Settings Section

Brand Embassy’s settings section is divided into several parts, to access settings go to the top right menu and click 'Settings'.


The first part of Account Settings is Intelligent Workflow. The Intelligent Workflow allows you to create routing rules to control the workload that is assigned to your agents, or to set up the language based routing rules.

Next you will see the settings for Channels. Channels is where you connect your social channels, either your own channels, or channels for listening (monitoring only).

The following is the User settings section, this section is where you add new agents to Brand Embassy. In this section you can create dedicated teams assigned to specific channels and edit user roles.

Knowledge base settings enables you to add quick responses that your customer service team may use.

The next section is Email Alerts. In this section you may enable email alerts for a specific channel, topic, or set a threshold for when a post from social media is getting a lot of attention.

Finally the last section, Tags. In the tags section you may set up set up manual tags or automatic tags. If you enable automatic tags conversations will be automatically tagged in Brand Embassy.

Note: Only users with admin rights or users with special permissions may change settings.