Team collaboration made easy

Team collaboration is easy in Brand Embassy. We have tailor-made some features to help teams work together efficiently.

Let’s say you have a post that requires information from a coworker outside the customer service team. Type a response as usual, but send the message as ‘Escalated’. This allows you to let the customer know you heard them and reminds you to get that information.

Team Collaboration Tool
Sending reply as Escalated

With another post, you realize that your coworker can help the customer better than you. Assign the case to that person and add an internal note.

Team Collaboration Task Management
Assigning ticket to colleague

New to the department? Unsure of your answer? Send your reply to a coworker or manager for approval.

Team Collaboration Project Management
Sending reply for approval

Did you learn something new about the customer that can help in the future? Save it as an internal note for your coworkers to use in the future.

Team Collaboration Social Media Tool
Saving internal note

This note is stored in our integrated CRM. Learn what else can be stored there and where it is in the next article