How to reply to customers

Brand Embassy unifies all your digital channels into one simple Inbox. When a customer contacts you on channels like Facebook, Twitter, Google+, YouTube, LinkedIn, Instagram, or writes an email to your support e-mail address, all these messages will show up in one Inbox.

You will only see a limited number of posts which need your attention at a time. Just click on the 'Get Posts' button to get new messages in your Inbox.

Social Media Tool Dashboard
The unified Inbox

Our Intelligent Workflow, a smart routing mechanism, assigns messages to specific people. Not a Twitter hashtag expert? Don’t worry, Twitter posts will be routed to your #colleague instead.

To start replying to customers, simply click on the post. It will open in a new tab, so you can fully focus on one conversation at a time. The reply box is at the bottom of your screen.

Our Knowledge Base saves you time with pre-defined answers or one of your last responses. It’s as easy as that. Providing top notch digital customer care has never been easier.

Customer Service Platform
Replying to customers

Learn more about collaborating within a team in Brand Embassy in the next article.