In this section you can find answers to the top frequently asked questions towards account setup, care section and analyse section of Brand Embassy.

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Frequently asked questions

  • Is Brand Embassy available in other languages?
    Brand Embassy is available in English for now but we plan to extend the localization to Spanish and other languages soon.
  • What is the smiley face in the customer conversation for?
    With the smiley face you can mark conversation sentiment for further analysis. Conversation sentiment is by default set to neutral, so agents can manually mark the conversation as positive or negative. Sentiment is analyzed per customer or per channel in the Insight Reports.
  • From the IT perspective, what do I need to do before I start using Brand Embassy?
    There is nothing specific you have to do from the IT perspective before you start using Brand Embassy. Brand Embassy is a software as a service, which means there is no installation necessary. You just need to be connected to the Internet and sign up for a free trial on our website.
  • How many social channels can I connect to Brand Embassy?
    You can connect from 5 to 50 channels, including social channels, email accounts and Live Chat channels. The number of social channels you can connect depends on the subscription model you choose.
  • Can numerous people be logged into Brand Embassy at the same time?
    Yes, Brand Embassy allows a team leader to supervise all of your agents as they provide the best in customer service. There is no limit on the number of users simultaneously logged into Brand Embassy. Besides, we offer great real-time collaboration features for your customer service team.
  • What are the criteria for assigning posts to users?
    Brand Embassy uses Intelligent Workflow to automatically distribute the workload to users. You can set various general routing rules or define them for teams of users. These rules include, for example, equal distribution of the workload across the team, maintaining conversations between the same customer and agent, or assigning posts in a particular language to agents who are native speakers.
  • Is it possible to set up email notifications?
    You can set up email alerts to inform you when the number of comments, likes, shares or topic mentions reaches a defined threshold.
  • How many users can be added to Brand Embassy?
    You can add up to 5 users to Brand Embassy in the Starter Bee subscription model. Or you can choose to add an unlimited number of users in the Hipster Bee subscription model and up.
  • What sources other than social channels can be connected to Brand Embassy?
    You can connect your email accounts and set up keyword-based monitoring of blogs and forums in Brand Embassy. You can also engage with your customers in real-time with the Live Chat channel.
  • What is the difference between an agent role and a manager role?
    You can set up various roles in Brand Embassy. We suggest you use an agent role and a manager role. The roles can differ in their permissions settings. For example, users in the agent role will be allowed to write drafts of replies to customers. Those in the manager role will be able to approve these drafts and send replies to customers.
  • What is keyword-based monitoring?
    Keyword-based monitoring is a feature that allows you to monitor for particular keywords across forums, blogs, Facebook and Twitter streams. Agents can then engage on these external online channels and help customers who are outside of your connected social channels. Keyword-based monitoring is available as an add-on from the Hipster Bee subscription model and up.
  • How can I add a social channel to Brand Embassy?
    Connecting your social channels to Brand Embassy is super easy. Simply go to Settings and choose a channel you would like to connect. After you grant Brand Embassy the necessary permissions, you can begin listening to and engaging with your customers. Start providing the best customer service today with a free trial of Brand Embassy.
  • How can I create an account for a new user?
    Creating accounts for new users is simple. Go to Settings and select Agents. You can add new users, define their roles and system permissions, or set up multiple focused teams.
  • Why should I create a team?
    Setting up a team of users in Brand Embassy allows you to use intelligent routing for incoming inquiries. Based on the Intelligent Workflow rules you set up, Brand Embassy will automatically assign particular channels, topics or languages to the team with the most expertise in engaging these posts.
  • How can I set a new tag?
    Tags are helpful for analyzing the most popular topics your customer service team deals with. You can set new tags in the Settings in the Tags section. Simply define a new manual tag, which can be assigned to user inquiries manually, or set up an automatic tag, which will be added to inquiries based on keywords.
  • What does it mean if there is a tag?
    A tag next to a customer inquiry indicates the topic to which the inquiry relates. Tags are added automatically based on auto-tagging settings, or can be added manually by agents.
  • What are the criteria for defining post influence?
    Post influence is an automatically calculated metric influencing the priority of the conversations in the queue. It is calculated based on various criteria, such as the original source, social channel attributes such as the number of likes, shares or retweets, the number of comments in the social thread, and more.
  • What are the requirements for adding a social channel to Brand Embassy?
    To add a social channel to Brand Embassy you need to be the admin user who initially set up the account. You also need to have access to the social channel you want to connect to Brand Embassy. After connecting the social channel to Brand Embassy, you can grant other users permission to engage with the customers.