To bee done list

Social conversations can get complex with many people engaging with one post. The 'To Bee Done' list is there so you don't lose any of the threads. This list automatically creates tickets from complicated threads so agents don't have to worry about missing an individual issue, question or comment within the larger post.

Social Customer Service Software
To Bee Done list

When you open the post detail, the 'To Bee Done' list is on the top right of your screen. This list is for the specific post -My shows those threads the agent needs to take care of and All shows those that your team is working on. You can see both what you need to do (My), as well as what any other team members need to do. A notification will appear in the list every time a customer replies to the existing case. You'll see the customer profile picture, case number, their name and the status of the case. The 'To Bee Done' list also shows notifications when a colleague sends you a note, re-assigns a case to you or sends you a reply on approval request.

You can easily navigate to new comments in the complex conversation by clicking on the item in the 'Too Bee Done' list. When you see a number of comments with the status 'New', for example '+3 more new comments', click on the new comments notification to view them one by one. Multiple clicks will animate the new comments one by one.

Once you have replied to the customers, dealt with the notes and approvals or set 'New' posts as 'Checked', the items will disappear from the 'To Bee Done' list. Once cleared, use the 'Close' button to hide it.