Knowledge Base

Find yourself repeatedly using a similar message or the same info? The Knowledge Base feature allows you to define quick answers and reuse recent responses.

Once you've opened the post detail, the Knowledge Base window is in the bottom right corner. There are two parts: Quick Answers and Last Responses. The search box makes you fast as lightning.

Knowledge Base Pre-defined Answers Last Responses
Quick Answers and Last Responses

To set up Quick Answers, go to Settings → Knowledge Base → Quick Answers. Click 'Add Quick Answer' and fill in a title (what you want the Knowledge Base to show) and the content (the full answer that will show up as a reply). By adding Tags and Channels to the new Quick Answer, you'll influence which search results show up first.

Example: If the post you are working with has the tag 'delivery' and you search within Quick Answers for a reply containing 'policy', the Quick Answers containing the word 'policy' and the tag 'delivery' will show up higher in the search results.

When adding the new Quick Answer, you can also select the Source types, which means the channels you want the Quick response to be available for. You can then set up a different Quick Answer for your Twitter account and Facebook page. After you save the new Quick Answer, you can edit it or delete it later on.

The second part of the Knowledge Base allows you to choose your Last Response. All recent responses across the team are sorted from the most recent to the oldest. The search box can again help you find the best answer for the customer quickly.