Set up automatic tags

Brand Embassy can help you sort incoming posts based on related topics. We simply need to set up tags and rules for auto-tagging to use this function.

Go to the Tags section in Settings and create a new tag by adding a name. Select a color and tick the box to activate it, untick it to deactivate.

Creating new tag

To automate adding tags to incoming posts, let's add rules in the Auto-tagging section. Add a new auto-tag, name it and choose an existing tag. You can use up to 10 keywords to define when the tag is added to an incoming post. Keywords can use * in place of a character or at the beginning or end of a word in order to take advantage of more options.

Adding new auto-tag
Adding keywords to auto-tag

You can set up multiple auto-tags to see how they are automatically added to new posts. You should create a new auto-tag instead of renaming an old one to keep the reporting correct.

Want to watch a specific topic closer? Let's set up email alerts to help you monitor hot topics.